Monday, October 10, 2011

Here's how I made my Fall Leaf Shoes

Can you believe that these shoes used to look ugly? Well, believe it! Here's a picture of what they looked like before I painted them.

These shoes were ugly, but practically brand new, and by golly, I saw potential! Since Fall was on its way, these peachy-orange shoes seemed perfect for a Fall Leaf Design. I prepped the shoe by softly wiping it down with a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. The alcohol helps to take off the dirt and dust without hurting the finish of the leather.

If you didn't know already, my main medium I work with is Sharpie or Permanent Markers. I found that it creates an effect that looks like bright watercolors on the shoes. Plus, I have more control over the detail by using Sharpies instead of brushes.

Thus, I began coloring the leather flower.
Once the flower was done, I knew what colors to use in order to keep the design consistent. The rest was just figuring out how the leaves should flow and how best to fill in the space. That's when I thought of using blue water droplet circles and swirls. The blue was a beautiful contrast to all the warm Fall colors on the orange shoes!
Once I got the hang of drawing the leaves, I extended the design to the heels, added a few rhinestones and...
Voila! My Fall Leaf Shoes are complete! Now they are one-of-a-kind Walking Art!

Happy Autumn! Enjoy the leaves!

Love, Miranda Marie

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