Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Love, Miranda Marie Shoes are back!

   Hi Everyone! I realize it's been a while since I have updated my blog. Too long! So, back by popular demand, I bring you some new hand painted shoes!
It's been a crazy, but absolutely amazing summer! My husband and I worked and lived full time at a Christian summer camp for the past 3 months. I loved every moment being with the kids, but now things have slowed down and I have time to focus on my art. The shoes I have featured here are my latest creation.
         Awesome side note: They were recently worn by Miss Arkansas on the runway in a fashion show!

I designed these shoes after a beautiful wedding bouquet I saw. They are very whimsical and dreamy, as if Cinderella got tired of her plain glass slippers and had the Prince upgrade them. Perfect for a whimsical wedding!

It's the start of a line of designs I want to create for the colorful bride. Each bride has different wedding colors and with this line of Bouquet Wedding Shoes, I can paint each bouquet unique to the specific colors and flower choices of the bride! If you are interested in having your own unique bouquet wedding shoes, you can contact me at: LoveMirandaMarie@gmail.com

I also have a limited supply of these white Cinderella shoes in sizes ranging from Women's size 6-10. I don't have any half sizes. Contact me if you are interested.

Miranda Marie


  1. Love these...so incredible! Great work! Wedding shoes that co-ordinate with your bouquet....awesome idea!

  2. Are you still doing these boots x
    how much are they?

    1. Hi Cheryl!
      Great question! Here is the link to these shoes in my etsy shop. The pair I have right now (that is already painted and ready to go) is a US Women size 9. Let me know if you are interested.