Friday, April 12, 2013

Miracles do happen!

 A crazy thing happened the other day! I sent these shoes a couple weeks ago to a lady in Scotland for her wedding. They were suppose to get there about a week before her wedding, but they got caught up in the postal system somewhere and vanished for almost 2 weeks! As her wedding got closer, the more stressed she and I got. It was torture, but I began praying about it. Her wedding was Tuesday, April 2. I received an email from the lady in Scotland the day after her wedding. This is what it said:

    "Well I have to tell you a story.... On Tuesday, 2nd April 2013, the postman was very, very late, he didn’t get to my mum’s house until 12.20pm...  But he came and he delivered a wee card which said ‘you have a parcel to collect from Prestwick Cross Post Office, there is a customs duty, tax and handling fee to pay’..... Yay, I thought to myself, with an hour and 40 minutes to go we have news of my beautiful shoes which my new and very talented friend has painted for me :o)  I was so happy, ecstatic, I even did the happy dance.... Then, I turned the card over, Prestwick Cross Post Office closes at 12.15pm for all parcel collections......  I swore, lots of sweary words :o( nooooooooooooooooooooo.

     With all hope gone I picked up the phone, just in case, to phone the post office.... Amazingly, Margaret was still there, just about to go home, but for some reason, unusually she had answered the phone (has never, ever done this in her 20 years of working at the post office, because when they are closed, they are closed and she needs to get home!) but she did, she answered, woohoo :o)  
     I begged, I pleaded, I explained, as my immobile, very poorly mum and half blind dad got in the car to head for the post office, just in case.... A miracle, Margaret agreed to wait for them, then she gave me the bad news.... The customs duty, nearly £50 had to be paid in cash, no facility for paying by credit or debit card, cash.....  We scrabbled money, cash together, threw it at my mum and dad who very slowly, slower than the speed limit allows, because my mum hasn’t driven the car in over a year, drove to the post office.  There was Margaret, hand out, waiting for the cash, no change available, the exchange was done.  Mum and Dad had the shoes and they drove very slowly back to their place, where I was dressed and ready with secondary shoes on my feet and just about to get into the car to take me to the registry office....  I loooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeedddddddd loved, loved the packaging and your wee note, thank you so much, my shoes are beautiful, I just managed to get them on and Tom and I got married and we had a fantastic day and everyone loved my shoes and I had to take them off so that everyone could get a proper look at them and I spent the rest of the day telling everyone about you and my shoes :o) 

     Miracles do happen x x x"

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