Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wedding Shoes!

Do you love peacocks or purple feathers? Then you'll love my new work in progess: Bouquet Wedding Shoes! I sticking to a purple, blue, and green color palette to match the colors of an elegant peacock feather. I've looked through so many pictures of of beautiful bouquets for inspiration and research on what flowers would look good together.

I will eventually paint some peacock feathers to flow along the sides! Kind of like the peacock feathers in the picture below. I absolutely LOVE the way it looks!

I'll keep you updated with pictures of these shoes as I work on them. If you know anyone who loves peacock feathers and is getting married soon, send them my way! ;)

Miranda Marie


  1. That is one sexy pair of shoes. I normally search online bridal shoes to check new designs and pick up which I like most.

  2. Thank you, Sandra! You know, if you are interested in these wedding shoes, I can send you an email when I am about to put them in my Etsy Shop: