Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Silhouette Illustration!

Perfect for wedding invitations or decorations! I have always been fascinated with silhouettes! They are simple, but elegant and sometimes very intricate. I illustrated the picture above with Pride and Prejudice in mind.

I designed some silhouette illustrations a couple years ago in college, but took a break from it once I graduated. Recently, I was inspired to take up silhouette drawing again by my sister-in-law who is trying her hand at it herself and doing a fabulous job! Before, my characters were styled as if they were from the 1950's and I cut them out and layered the paper to give it a 3D effect. Here are a few of my other attempts at silhouettes...

"Dancing in the Moonlight"

"Star Gazing"

"Couch Cuddling"

"Cupcakes You'll LOVE!"

If you have any ideas for more silhouette pictures, I would love to hear them! Just post a comment below and maybe I'll use it for a future illustration! :)

Miranda Marie


  1. Miranda, these characters are precious! Your wedding one is a great idea. :) Keep posting!

  2. These are so incredibly awesome! I wish I could do something like that!!! Keep up the good work!!!